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FeetUp Headstand Yoga Stool - Chocolate

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If headstand is the king of asanas, then FeetUp is your throne. This innovative inversion aid enables you to hold a safe and stable headstand posture without any pressure on the neck and spine.

  • gives beginners the confidence to raise their feet skywards and reap the benefits of sirsasana
  • more experienced practitioners can challenge themselves and have fun with new versions of inversions beyond their previous practice 
  • made from birch wood with a soft faux leather padding to support the shoulders
  • easy to dismantle to take on your travels, or stack and store in your studio 
  • for every FeetUp sold, the makers of FeetUp donate one tree to Trees for Future. 

Recommended Max. Load- 114kg

Not for sale outside of the EU.

For more information, have a look at the FeetUp manual.


Product Weight
Made In
Made From
birch wood and faux leather
Suitable For
65cm length x 38cm width (42cm incl. cushion) x 32cm height (37cm incl. cushion)



  • Hi Please can you tell me where the product is manufactured. Mark

    This product has been engineered in Germany and made in Poland.

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