John Friend's Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering

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In September of 2008, John Friend and over 800 Anusara yoga enthusiasts gathered together in the resplendent beauty of the Rocky Mountains. This majestic backdrop set the stage for an incredible event - the first ever Anusara yoga Grand Gathering. Yoga Journal captured the magic of John's classes in a live, three-DVD set that includes:

Master class day 1 - Using the autumn equinox as his inspiration, John Friend provides precise alignment instructions for a flowing progression of energetic standing poses, stimulating backbends, and introspective forward bends. Attention is placed on finding the harmonious balance of stability and freedom in every pose, so as to expand the magic of the place of the middle, the inner equinox.

Master class day 2 - John celebrates creativity through a wide variety of playful and artistic poses. Interweaving Anusara yoga's Universal Principles of Alignment with a radiant spirit of fun, he inspires participants to take their practice to incredible levels of depth and freedom.

Master class day 3 - The grand finale is a devotional practice where each pose constitutes an offering of love to all beings. With the skill of a fine poet, John uses heart-felt and penetrating instructions to inspire the creation of poses from a profound feeling of spiritual connection within. This class will expand your body while deepening your connection to the beauty and power of your own heart.

DVD bonus material:

The Grand Gathering's lively "opening ceremonies"
45-minute interview with John Friend

Anusara Yoga Grant Gathering


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