Are you ready for the Yogi Assignment with Kino MacGregor?

Are you ready for the Yogi Assignment with Kino MacGregor?

September sees the release of the much anticipated ‘The Yogi Assignment: A 30-Day Program for Bringing Yoga Practice and Wisdom to Your Everyday Life’ by international yogi Kino MacGregor. Kino is a well-known figure in the global yoga community with over a million followers on Instagram. She’s a world-renowned yoga teacher, author, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, and co-founder of Miami Life Center with her husband Tim Feldmann.

We spoke to Kino back in May about the launch of Omstars, her new online TV channel dedicated to the practice and lifestyle of yoga. You can read that interview ‘Kino MacGregor invites you to be an Omstar!’ if you would like to find out more. We were delighted to be offered the opportunity to catch up with Kino again after her summer of travelling all over the world, to find out more about Omstars and the Yogi Assignment.

So Kino, how have the first three months of Omstars been?

Omstars has been a dream come true. People are practicing all over the world and coming together around the yogi life. We have been swamped with filming and lots of new ideas. There have been some big changes as well, all for the best, as the dream takes shape and becomes reality. Setting up daily operations is the groundwork of any dream and as Omstars got off the ground, we faced a series of struggles and have worked extra hard to build a sustainable foundation to grow. We have big plans and we thank every single person who practices with us online as we build the world of yoga!

You talked about creating a community forum, a virtual sangha. How is that coming along?

We see people sharing pics of themselves practicing with Omstars and they tag us and their friends. They share the journey together and it’s so meaningful. We are constantly developing the site to accommodate more of our big dreams. One of the next developments in the tech side will feature a way for our yogis to connect even more. I’m really excited about this new feature which will be coming soon!

With your extensive travelling, how do you maintain your personal practice alongside your work with Omstars?

Omstars is a virtual business, which means we have staff spread out all over the world. We manage shared space online just like our business lives online. It’s really amazing how we come together around our goals and then support each other through the development and deployment phase. Since I’m the one on different time zones, I have to be careful about texting people in the middle of the night. I’m almost always checking emails and messages, but more than anything, I’m busy dreaming Omstars’ biggest dreams.

Right now, I know you’re excited about the launch of your new book: ‘The Yogi Assignment: A 30-Day Program for Bringing Yoga Practice and Wisdom to Your Everyday Life’. Can you explain how this book came about?

Around three years ago, I started sharing a daily “Yogi Assignment” on social media. It happened because in the video story format, I literally had no idea what to say to my followers. It’s hard for me to just chit chat about random events in my life, even to my husband and close friends, so I was looking for something to say. Then it hit me that I’m a teacher and teachers give assignments, so I started giving out a “Yogi Assignment” each day. These posts and videos picked up a cult-like following which eventually lead my publisher to believe in them as the basis of a book project. So, now here we are, years later, and The Yogi Assignment is a book that contains so much of “me” and the wisdom I have gained from the practice that I can hardly contain my joy for this book.

What does this Yogi Assignment look like? Who is it for and what format does it take?

This book is for everyone, dedicated practitioners and people who may have never stepped foot on a yoga mat. Each day begins with a discussion of one of the key elements of the yogi life, then gives three ways to apply this wisdom in a practical sense in your day and ends with three poses to consider as part of yogi path. If you’re a dedicated yogi, you’ll find the lessons of yoga translated into your life. If you’re new to yoga, you’ll find wisdom from the yoga path to inspire you to live a more peaceful life.

How does the book combine both yoga practice and wisdom? Why are both equally important?

Practice is the foundation of the wisdom of yoga. Yoga itself is meant to be a personal practice that gives you a place to experience in your body the esoteric philosophical principles of yoga. The Yogi Assignment book combines both physical practice and traditional philosophy in an easy to understand and digest format that makes it accessible for everyone.

How can this programme inspire yogis to take their yoga off the mat and out into their lives?

If you follow the chapters as assignments and apply the lessons to your life, day by day, breath by breath, you will feel more peace and your world will change. It’s up to you to take this book as a guide to the inner journey and then watch the magic unfold all around you.

You say that The Yogi Assignment ‘will help you confront your emotional, physical, and mental limitations’. Do you believe we all have such limitations? Even someone like you? Is it possible to move beyond our limitations?

We are all wounded creatures who have experienced trauma. We have all had our hearts broken. Only by facing our wounds, making friends with our shadows and shining light on our own inner darkness will we finally be free. I face my limitations on my mat every day. This book is a friend, a light on the path, so that you know when you dive down into that deep inner world, you’re not alone and you’ll have faith to guide you down the path.

Here at Yogamatters, we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy of this book. Kino MacGregor is an inspiring figure, an individual who dives deep into the philosophy of yoga as well as the practice. She’s honest about her struggles and yet her smile reflects an inner joy that comes from her personal journey that she so willingly shares with all of us. If Kino herself can hardly contain her joy for this book, then we know it is going to be something very special indeed.

You can purchase your copy of the Yogi Assignment here.