Yoga Props for Sensitive Knees

Yoga Props for Sensitive Knees

‘Bad’ or sensitive knees are often top of the list of common ailments that can significantly affect the joy of practicing yoga – in fact it might stop a practice dead in its tracks. Yet in this age of creativity, there are so many simple tips and products that can make the world of difference. We’ve scoured our prop cupboard, spoken to teachers and members of our team to find the best tricks for anyone who suffers from niggly knees, so if that sounds like you, read on – trust us, your knees will thank you for it…

Practicing yoga without any props, or even a mat seems like a strange idea but the addition of props is a relatively new invention in the history of this ancient practice. Using props seems to spark much debate in the yoga world. Every style, teacher and student has their own opinion and relationship with these objects which vary greatly in size, shape and use. For us, one of the many reasons we champion the use of props at YMHQ is for the pure creativity that they spark. As our understanding of biomechanics and technology has evolved, so too has the development of creative props. There are now endless inventions that support some of the most common complaints and struggles in the yoga classroom.


These lightweight and gel-like discs are tailor made for extra support and prove the perfect companion for your knees. By creating a solid and comfortable base they ease discomfort and pain allowing you to ground, weight bear safely and focus on your practice. Made from a non-toxic and latex free silicon-based material they are easily transportable and come in a range of pretty colours to brighten the greyest of days.

“Fabulous Yoga Aid best investment I have made to take the pressure off my wrists – Together with a Liforme mat they have transformed my practise.” Denise

Top Tip – Be resourceful

No props in sight? Depending on what mat you use, it may be possible to simply roll your mat ‘in half’ to give you double the thickness for when you come into any weight bearing position, such as coming into all 4’s for Cat/Cow. Although not easily transportable, a folded blanket is also a great go-to, which you can place onto your mat as and when you need it – our favourite is this one, it’s super soft and perfect for a cosy savasana.


Top Tip – Find a mat your knees will love…

One of the simplest reasons we can experience discomfort in our knees during practice is that our mat is simply not cushioned enough. If ‘bad knees’ are a long-term issue it may be worth investing in a mat that was created with extra comfort in mind. Here are some of our favourites…

Yogamatters Eco Everyday Yoga Mat

Eco warriors this mat was made for you. We searched high and low for an innovative solution to environmental waste and this mat is made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber. As well as feeling passionate about the materials and creation, we were also determined not to compromise on comfort and so as well as being eco-friendly, this mat runs superior in cushioning (and grip) within the Yogamatters range.  It has quick become a firm favourite among students and teachers alike.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Perhaps ,most well known for its grip capabilities, what is sometimes surprising when first practicing on a Liforme is its level of comfort. At 4.2mm thick, it is one of the most well cushioned mats on the market and for some eradicates the need for any extra cushioning or padding. We stand by its summary as a “super stable and solid practicing surface” but don’t just take our word for it…

Fabulous Yoga Mat it has really made a difference to my work out’s – No slipping even when sweaty and it has totally taken the pressure off my knee’s and wrist’s huge bonus for me given my Arthritis it make’s things so much more comfortable. 

prAna ECO Mat

At just 1.6KG this super lightweight mat is eco-conscious and is an impressive 5mm in thickness. Its lightweight form makes it easy to transport from studio to the shops so if you’re on the move or globetrotting, this mat ticks a lot of boxes.

It’s important to remember that any pain or discomfort in the body is there for a really valid reason. Nothing beats speaking to a teacher and asking for their advice so don’t suffer in silence and if you have any tips and tricks for easing discomfort in your knees we would love to hear them!

Happy practicing with happy knees…