New term, new mat

New term, new mat

At the start of this new term, why not consider choosing a new mat for your yoga practice?

And why would I do that, you ask?

Because sometimes, it’s easy to fall into a rut. We wear the same old things, step onto the same old mat and practise the same old poses. Our practice loses its freshness and vitality. We don’t even notice that our mat is becoming worn in places, or the colour is fading or the surface is losing some of the grip that it once had.

In her article in the Times this week, fashion writer Anna Murphy describes the moment when she realised that she needed to replace her mat. Her yogawear wardrobe had already undergone an overhaul. She describes her yoga kit as ‘considerably more social-media-friendly than her yoga.’ Many of us can relate to that, I imagine.

And then there was her mat.

My mat, however, remains positively humdrum: a murkily utilitarian dark green. Which, I now realise, makes me feel murkily utilitarian, every time I unroll it; not an ideal way to start my practice.  Anna Murphy, The Times, 30 August, 2017

She recognises that maybe it’s time to embrace change and get herself a new mat.

The new colours in the Yogamatters range of sticky yoga mats are far from humdrum, murky or utilitarian. Because it’s not just about each yogi needing a new mat on occasions; sometimes it’s about the retailer ringing the changes also.

Michelle Klein is Head of Buying at Yogamatters and responsible for Product Development.

So Michelle, why did you decide it was time to bring in some new colours into the Yogamatters range of mats, blocks and bricks and how did you go about choosing the new colours?

The range hasn’t had a refresh in a couple of years, so it felt like the right time. I reviewed the existing colour palette and then selected grapefruit and seafoam, as these colours are on trend and a follow on from this summer’s tropical trend. These colours are also going to coordinate with the SS18 clothing collections. Grapefruit and seafoam add energy and vibrancy to the existing colour palette. A neutral cool grey was missing from blocks and bricks and it also complements both the grapefruit and seafoam beautifully. 

Grapefruit: that warm pink with a hint of orange that exudes health and vitality, a real zest for life.


Seafoam: that refreshing bluey green that transports you far away to the beaches and oceans of your memories and dreams.

And Michelle is right. Alongside the cool grey, these vibrant new colours create an inspirational palette.

So why should you be considering buying a new mat for this new term ahead?

Well, here are five excellent reasons…

  1. As I pointed out earlier, maybe your mat is becoming worn in places, or the colour is fading or the surface is losing some of the grip that it once had.
  2. Maybe it’s your practice that needs an injection of fresh vitality. We invest in those things that matter most to us. If your practice matters to you, then it makes sense to surround yourself with the correct resources that inspire you to practise. Stepping onto your mat needs to feel appealing and inspiring.
  3. If you have been practising for a while, it may now be clearer to you which type of mat will best support your practice. There’s not a ‘one size fits all’ when  it comes to yoga mats. There’s a whole range of varying lengths and thicknesses; different materials and surfaces; different designs and styles of practice. If you feel overwhelmed by the choice, then the Yogamatters Buyer’s Guide is an enormous help. And if you need further advice, then speak to your yoga teacher or a member of the Yogamatters Customer Service Team will always be happy to help.
  4. Buying a new mat is a statement of intent. At the start of this new term, you are saying ‘I am buying a new mat because I intend to make my yoga practice an integral part of my life.’
  5. And finally, it’s a treat. Choosing a new mat is a lot of fun: the colour that matches your personality; the design that is an expression of your yoga practice. Treat yourself. See it as a reward for all the hard work you’ve put in on that mat.

It can be hard to part with a mat that has travelled with us on our yoga journey thus far. I get that. There’s a wealth of shared experience there. You’ve been through a lot on and travelled deep inside yourself on that mat.

However, a new mat can be seen as a new friend. You’re just about to connect for the first time. There’s that anticipation of exciting times ahead.

There’s a time to shake things up and ring in the changes.

Maybe that time for you is right now.Perfect yoga mat



Helen Redfern

Helen Redfern is Yogamatters very own in-house writer. Living life to the full for her currently includes Yoga, Pilates, running and contemporary dance and she enjoys encouraging everyone around her to embrace the new.