Focus on……Donna Farhi

Focus on……Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi has been practising yoga for over 40 years and has been teaching yoga since 1982. For Donna, it’s all about encouraging individual students of all levels of experience and from all traditions to build their own authentic yoga practice. She’s been at the forefront of generating a new model for teaching and practice that fosters self-inquiry through the cultivation of each person’s inner reference system. Her approach is to create a safe learning environment where her students can investigate, adapt and evolve their practice to honour their individual needs.

Donna is the author of four contemporary classics. In her teaching and her books, Donna Farhi concentrates on the fundamental principles of yoga and the refinement of natural and universal movement principles that underlie safe and sustainable yoga practice. Recognised as an internationally renowned yoga instructor and as one of the most sought after guest teachers in the world, Donna leads yoga intensives and teacher training programs all over the world.


The Breathing Book


Internationally renowned yoga instructor Donna Farhi presents a refreshingly simple and practical guide to re-establishing proper breathing techniques that will dramatically improve your physical and mental health. This wonderful manual presents a new approach to improving quality of life through your most accessible resource: your breath.

Complete with more than seventy-five photos and illustrations, this book offers a thorough and inspiring programme that you can tailor to your specific needs. Whether you need an energy boost or are seeking a safe, hassle-free way to cope with everyday stress, you will find the answers here. These safe and easy-to-learn techniques can also be used to treat asthma, depression, eating disorders, insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions.


The Breathing Book
Bringing Yoga to Life (paperback)

Bringing Yoga to Life


In Bringing Yoga to Life, Donna Farhi moves yoga practice beyond the mat into our everyday lives, restoring the tradition’s intended function as a complete, practical philosophy for daily living.

Expanding upon the teachings of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the core text of the yoga tradition, Donna Farhi describes yoga’s transforming power as a complete life practice, far beyond its common reduction to mere exercise routine or stress management. This is the philosophy of yoga as a path to a deeper awareness of self. Drawing upon her years of teaching with students, Farhi guides readers through all the pitfalls and promises of navigating a spiritual practice.

Farhi’s engaging and accessible style and broad experience offer important teachings for newcomers and seasoned practitioners of yoga alike.


Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit


At the heart of Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit are more than seventy-five yoga asanas or postures. This user-friendly guide is illustrated with 240 two-colour photographs and illustrations,

Integrating the teachings of every tradition, internationally renowned yoga instructor Donna Farhi reveals how yoga enhances the connections between the mind, body, and spirit. She outlines the seven simple movement principles that underlie all human motion and provides exercises to help readers understand how they can achieve all yoga postures. She also discusses the ten ethical precepts that are the foundation of all yoga teachings and explains how to incorporate them into a spiritually and emotionally rewarding inner practice.

Yoga Mind Body & Spirit
Teaching Yoga Farhi

Teaching Yoga


Teaching Yoga explores in depth and with compassion the whole area of ethics & the teacher-student relationship. Drawing on decades of experience training yoga teachers and co-writing the California Yoga Teachers Association (CYTA) code of ethics, Donna Farhi offers the first book to set professional standards for teaching yoga.

Covering a variety of topics both practical and philosophical, this work explores how to create healthy boundaries; the student-teacher relationship (including whether a sexual relationship is acceptable); how to create physical and emotional safety for the student; what is a reasonable class size; how much a class should cost; and how to conduct the business of teaching while upholding the integrity of yoga as a philosophy, a science, and an art.

A bonus CD features the author speaking about yoga ethics.