The Yogic Mind | Vinyasa Krama & The Yogā-Sūtras with Whit Hornsberger

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The tradition of Classical Yoga is a contemplative, meditative path, guiding courageous and curious seekers towards the true nature of their enigmatic human existence, giving rise to transformative wisdom and leaving in its wake the fetters of physical and mental suffering.  

Vinyasa Krama (movement and sequence methodology) as expounded by the legendary father of modern yoga, Sri T. Krishnamacharya is considered the most comprehensive representation of Krishnamacharya’s teachings of yogasana. Built upon the foundation and existential wisdom of Patañjali’s Yoga-SūtrasVinyasa Krama is thus considered a classical form of yoga.

The Yoga-Sūtras are the systematization of thousands of years of liberation-seeking inquiry practiced upon the Indian subcontinent. A compendium of wisdom, the Yoga-Sūtras are a detailed psychosomatic methodology which promises to reveal and then extinguish the limitations of the conditioned mind, not through blind faith, but through direct personal experience.

Over the course of the weekend we will explore the extensive sequencing of the Vinyasa Kramamethod of Krishnamacharya, dissect the psychological framework of the Classical Yogatradition, and apply the most relevant and potent of Patañjali’s sūtras for mental well-being to an extensive, full-spectrum vinyasa practice (asana – pranayama – meditation).

The intention of this journey together is not to indoctrinate, for ultimate truth is beyond words and techniques. We gather instead to engage with ancient tools and practices capable of revealing the inherent wisdom within the gift of consciousness, providing a reference point from which our own innate intelligence can contemplate, discern and investigate the existential query which has driven the tradition of yoga for centuries:  

This intensive is created for and accessible to all levels of practitioners and geared specifically towards those individuals with an insatiable curiosity for the enigmatic nature of human existence and a passion to evolve beyond the limitations of the conditioned mind. Each session consists of 45 mins discussion on Yoga Sutras and  an asana, pranayama & meditation practice. 

Date & Time 
Sat 16 Feb | 10.30-13.30 | Why do we suffer?
Sat 16 Feb | 14.30-17.30 | Who am I?
Sun 17 Feb | 10.30-13.30 | Pure Awareness
Sun 17 Feb | 14.30-17.30 | The Path to Freedom

Location St. Janshovenstraat 1

Price per session €45

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