Escaping into the arms of &Sister with Alicia Roscoe

Five years ago, Alicia Roscoe walked away from her life as a lawyer in the city and returned to the the family home in Oxfordshire, Poundon House, to create a programme of yoga retreats with her sister Natalie. Between them, they are &Sister. Last September, Alicia shared with Yogamatters exactly what one could expect from one of their yoga retreats in ‘An escape from the corporate life’. We thought it would be good to catch up with Alicia again and see what life’s looking like for her right now. So how has your life changed since you left behind your life as a London lawyer? Life right now could not be more different! In 2012, I turned life on its head and have somehow landed back on my feet! Although now I will never regret qualifying as a lawyer, I did have a couple of years in the wilderness where I felt huge guilt for ‘wasting my education’ and not doing what I felt was expected of me. We all know that guilt is a horrible feeling that can imprison you from finding your true purpose. Inside, in my heart I knew I wanted to work closely with people and form a community, but my head always said I should ‘use my brain’ and go back to law. After three years of hard work finding clients and teaching yoga in Oxfordshire and the first gruelling and scary year of &Sister, amazing things are now happening; literally beyond my wildest dreams. My work includes being surrounded by like-minded and soulful beings on a daily basis, which has definitely rubbed off on me! Gratitude has replaced guilt. I have let go of all the expectations and I feel so blessed. How has your yoga practice developed now that you have more time and space in your life? I have been so lucky to practise under the watchful eye of so many beautiful teachers. Charlie Morgan is my mentor and inspires me every day. My physical practice has changed phenomenally I don’t know if I will ever be doing advanced postures, but I was the most inflexible person perhaps on this planet. I didn’t let that stop me practising and training as a teacher and now you wouldn’t guess that before, I couldn’t even touch my knees, let alone my toes. Remembering how hindered I used to feel in classes keeps me grounded… Read more »