10 Apr

triyoga camden, Jamestown Road, London, UK

April 10, 2018 - April 15, 2018

Your mind has a unique, energetic frequency that runs parallel to your individual place in history’s time-line. As a soul who decided to take human form, both dense and luminous in nature, you are bound to the subtle and radical changes in the earth’s rhythms as well. There is only one sanctuary from the chaotic changes we are now experiencing– your own mind. In the Aquarian Age you must acquire an understanding of how your mind interacts and functions, and a mastery of the quality and flow of your own thoughts. We achieve this both through the physical movement of form as well as mudra, mantra and pranayama.

The Level 2 Mind & Meditation course will provide you with the experiential knowledge, intellectual understanding and spiritual development essential for successfully navigating through this distinctive period in our history. With an emphasis on the meditative mind, you will learn to recognize and distinguish between your three minds, how to utilize the positive qualities of each, and ultimately how to direct the mind’s varying attributes giving you a greater capacity for happiness and a deeper comprehension of your own internal flow of energy.

The Mind & Meditation course is intended to illuminate the relationship between you and your mind.
It is accredited with KRI and Yoga Alliance for hours to a full 500 hour accreditation. All are welcome in this course but credit is only available to those who have completed a 200 Lev 1 course for KRI or Yoga Alliance. Through this powerful experience, you will explore how the mind works in relationship to yourself and others. You will begin to integrate fundamental concepts about the nature and dynamics of the mind into your life. Perhaps most important of all, you will deepen your meditative mind.

The type of relationship we create with our mind is essential to our ability to act effectively, to recognize our true nature and to align with our Divine Purpose. Yogi Bhajan taught us the old ways of using the mind are becoming obsolete. The technology presented in Level 2 Mind & Meditation addresses the rapid shifts we are experiencing today, individually and as a collective. This course is about the transformation and deepening of your own core capacities, character and consciousness.

In this module you will learn:

– Increase your awareness of the layers of the mind
– Understand, utilize and experience the negative and positive forces inherent in human nature

– Assimilate and balance the positive and negative minds

– Perceive, receive and project through the neutral mind

– Using the neutral mind as your guide, gain the ultimate freedom – the freedom to choose how you want to feel, what you want to create, and ultimately, your experience of reality

– Change the frequency of your psyche to prepare for the changes the Aquarian Age will bring

The emerging Aquarian Age demands we know intimately how our mind creates our world around us. As you dive more deeply into knowing and experiencing the Positive and Negative minds, your Neutral meditative mind will be yours. Your communication will be clearer, your relationships will deepen and your heart will open. You will be forever changed.

“Every weakness in your mind is because you are not in touch with your neutral mind. Neutral mind is when you are not bound down by the negative force or the positive force. Then YOU are the force. Then that’s God.”

Yogi Bhajan

“Man jeetai jag jeet . . . Conquer the mind and you conquer the world.”

Yogi Bhajan

About Gurmukh:

Gurmukh is the co-founder and director of Golden Bridge, the premier centre for the study and practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation in Los Angeles, CA. 35 years ago Gurmukh received her Sikh spiritual name meaning “one who helps people across the world ocean”. Since then, she has dedicated her life to fulfilling that responsibility.

For over three decades, students in Los Angeles and around the world have sought her classes in Kundalini yoga, meditation and pre and post natal care. Gurmukh studied directly with Yogi Bhajan who introduced Kundalini Yoga to the West and she is the author of “The Eight Human Talents: The Yogic Way to Restoring the Natural Balance of Serenity Within You”, and “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful: Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and Birth with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation”. She also has three videos available; “Pre Natal Yoga”, “Post Natal Yoga”, and “Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh”. She trains yoga teachers throughout the world.
01 Apr

triyoga camden, Jamestown Road, London, UK

April 1, 2018

This weekend of workshops will focus on how the physical, energetic and psycho-emotional weave together to support you as a whole being. We will learn to experience of mundane as sacred and fill the gap of chaos with understanding and ease. Each workshop will have a different focus (hip openers + forward folds, shoulders + heart openers, twists, pranayama + meditation, restorative) bringing in the chakras and incorporating mantra, pranayama, vinyasa asana, and lecture/discussion. An inspirational way to spend your Easter weekend.

02 Apr

triyoga camden, Jamestown Road, London, UK

April 2, 2018

10:00 am - 5:30 pm

Easter urban retreat: camatkāra – shining forth

triyoga once again celebrates Easter with the well-loved ‘urban retreat’ at triyoga, Camden where the benefits of retreat can be experienced without leaving London.

This one-day retreat includes yoga practices such as active and restorative yoga, chanting and meditation led by two of triyoga’s most well-respected teachers, Anna Ashby and Nikki Slade.

Anna and Nikki uniquely weave together asana and chanting in such a way that draws forth an inner blissful state of being. The focused environment of a retreat provides the space for introspection, contemplation and rejuvenation – a perfect way to welcome in Spring.

Prepare to be energised and renewed; re-discover the inner lightness of being through asana and meditation practice, and enter the sweetness of the heart through the power of chanting.

08 Mar

triyoga camden, Jamestown Road, London, UK

March 8, 2018

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

open to yoga teachers, teacher trainees and serious students.
£5 charity donation
The #metoo movement reignited last Autumn and bought much awareness to the prevalence of sexual misconduct particularly in the workplace. Charges of intimidation, misogyny, harassment and assault rippled from Hollywood film studios to New York newsrooms, London parliamentary offices and Ivory Tower academic departments — in short, anywhere where there exists a power dynamic in relationships.You’d think that yoga, with its goals of spiritual liberation and techniques for self-development, would be the one space free from demeaning behaviour or unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances. And while for the most part it is, the world of yoga has been forced to examine itself and admit that the power imbalance that sits within the teacher-student relationship can sometimes lead to abuse. And the global #metoo movement is encouraging abused yoga students to finally come forward after years of silence made worse by the sometimes closed communities’ reluctance to turn on its leaders.This Teachers Symposium, held on International Women’s Day, seeks to break that silence, understand the history and development of the teacher-student relationship that might have led us to the place, and importantly discuss ways that yoga studios and teachers can support and protect students to ensure they are never intimidated or taken advantage of.Our panelists include:Paul Fox is the chairman of the British Wheel of Yoga, the largest yoga membership organisation in the UK and accreditor of teacher training programs around the country. The BWY, following in the steps of their counterpart Yoga Alliance in the U.S., is revisiting its ethnical guidelines for teachers in the wake of #metoo.Suzanne Newcombe is a lecturer in Religious Studies at the Open University, researching trends and developments in modern yoga from a sociological and social historical perspective. She has also worked at Inform, based at the London School of Economics, where she has researched new religious movements for more than 15 years and has knowledge of a wide range of groups where sexual relationships (or approaches) have been problematic and damaging, including some that have led to successful prosecutions and many more that have not.Annie Pace was one of the first women ever certified to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder Pattabhi Jois. She is known for her authenticity and clarity in passing on this lineage and joins us en route from her 29th pilgrimage to Mysore, India. She is the founder of Shakti Sharanam in Colorado, U.S.A.

Theo Wildcroft is a yoga teacher and scholar at the forefront of the movement for trauma sensitivity, diversity and inclusion. Her research considers the democratization of yoga post-lineage, and the many different ways yoga communities are responding to concerns about safety in practice. She also blogs and writes articles on yoga, on social justice, on hope, and on untold storiesThe Symposium is open to yoga teachers, teacher trainees and serious students. The £5 fee will, in its entirety, go to, a not-for-profit that supports women and children in London to build lives free from abuse and violence.

This Symposium will not be recorded or distributed, and triyoga will invoke the Chatham House Rule where in order to encourage openness, participants are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any participant, may be revealed after.