Yogamatters rectangular bolster

Yogamatters rectangular bolster
This rectangular variation of the classic cylindrical bolster offers greater width and a flatter surface for supine postures.

The long, flat surface supports the whole back and can also be used to raise the hips in sitting postures and for support in shoulder stand variations.

As with all our bolsters, it comes with a machine-washable outer cover and a useful carrying handle, making it ideal for both studio and home use. Also features a strong zip comes in four different colours.

Size: 63cm x 30cm x 15cm
Weight: 2.1 Kg
Made from: 100% cotton cover with Recron fibre filling
Certified: Complies with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988
Suitable for: Regular use and yoga studios
Care instructions: Cover is removable for washing; cold hand wash recommended. Wash dark colours separately.
Made in: India

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Bought these bolsters for my restorative yoga class & my students love them ! They are supportive, firm, comfortable & well made. Very glad I bought them particularly as I got them at a great price in the August sale.
This is a very good bolster, beautifully made and firm. I like being able to choose this shape for certain poses (such as Viparita Karani or Supta Virasana) because I enjoy the broad extra support for my upper back and sacrum. I wouldn't say that it is an essential prop, but alongside my regular bolster this a good part of the kit!
Finally - a company in the UK that stocks proper bolsters! These bolsters are much more versatile than the round ones and will serve either your home practice or your students if you are a teacher or studio owner. I've been looking for this shape, size and firmness in a bolster ever since moving to the UK five years ago. They are excellent and I highly recommend them. For your home practice buy two. If you own a studio buy two per student in the class.
Drew Stallcop
Good quality bolster at much lower price than offered by my local yoga centre.
Anne Holliday
Really pleased with the bolster. Excellent quality, lovely colour - thank you.
I find them great. I think they do offer greater stability for support work. However, when I asked my group, some Liked them some prefered the round bolster. I think its down to the individual.
Ajipeleka Giddings
Good Quality Great Value
Firm and comfortable. Use for yoga meditation but so comfortable use for general sitting also. Seems well made and good colour.
Well made, it offers good stable, support and lift for longer-held poses or for anyone who cannot easily achieve a level of comfort without extra height or support. Very comfortable to lie on, great for under hips and supine or sitting positions. A bit heavy for carrying to class, so more suited for home practice or as a sturdy piece of equipment for teachers or studios. Good value.
Gillian L
I have so far found this cusion very good. The flat shape seems very supportive to back when using for lying poses such as savasana or badhakonasana,
aimi pinder
Best bolster I ever tried. So perfect for restorative practice. Firm but still comfortable. Can be used for sitting as well. Highly recommend.
Firmer shape good for a alignment in sacro-iliac joint/sacrum in setu bhanda etc. Compact shape takes up less storage.
I love my bolster. Stays in shape, professionally done. I went to pick up my bolster at the shop, customer service was amazing. I really like yogamatters, I will purchase again. Thank you yogamatters TJM
Taryn J
Perfect sturdiness & shape. Good quality.
Functional and effective as a bolster, good size and good amount of firmness, does what it needs to do, no more, no less. No quality issues, all in good order and appears well made.
Great quality, reassuringly firm and nicely finished. Another quality product from a reliable supplier.

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