Ultra light travel yoga mat

Ultra light travel yoga mat
The perfect mat to take on your travels, this mat can be rolled, folded or squashed in to your backpack or suitcase.

At just 0.5mm thick, you'll really feel the sturdiness of the floor beneath you, so prepare for your standing and balancing poses to soar.

However, as this is a thinner mat, it's recommended practitioners who prefer additional cushionning use this mat on an occasional basis to substitute a 'regular' yoga mat, or use it on top of a borrowed yoga mat as a more hygienic option.

Manufactured in Germany to their high level of detail and engineering standards in a zero-waste, zero-emissions process.

Size: 186cm x 60cm, 0.5mm thick
Weight: 0.4kg
Made from: High grade PVC (AZO, DOP, phthalate and latex free)
Certified: Oeko-Tex Level 1
Suitable for: Travel and occasional use
Care instructions: Machine washable
Made in: EU

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don't know if you ever need testimonials about your products but I think your travel yoga mat is brilliant. I bought it in October last year before backpacking around South America for 6 months and am still using it now that I'm home. I've been using it at least 4 times a week and it's still as strong as ever, with no visible wear at all. It was easy to keep clean and turned any floor however suspect looking, into my own little yoga practice space. I have recommended it to quite a few yogis along the way and will definitely do so again. Thanks for helping me keep my practice going. It was something I really didn't want to lose touch of while I was away.

Ultra Light Travel Yoga Mat

Although I have not travelled with it yet, this is absolutely right for anyone who travels frequently or for longer trips. Can be folded up quite small or left larger (and thinner) for suitcase packing.

so light its pointless

Ultra light,yes. Easy to travel with, yes. Easy to practise yoga on? NO! It just bunches up, does not stay flat to any surface. A waste of money.

Ultra Light Travel mat

This mat lives in my backpack. It's so light that I can use it whenever I go away. It has a great grip, and works really well on top of a carpet or rug. It's good for covering grotty studio mats too!

Ultra Light Travel Mat

I am a yoga teacher. In September I am visiting two cousins in the USA to celebrate my 70th. One cousin wishes me to practise yoga with her. And of course I will have my usual daily sadhana. So, although I have a quantity of yoga mats here, I need a very light-weight one to fit into my suitcase. I am hoping this purchase will be great....its certainly v light and easily fold-upable. I have not used it - yet.
Sara Paget

My travel essential.

I have had my travel mat for about 6 years, and I use it whenever I go away, in the UK or further afield. You need to be a bit tough to use it directly on an Indian tiled floor, but on top of a rug, or a hotel carpet it's perfect!


Such a great idea , folds up so small can go in my hand luggage and I will certainly be taking it with me on hols now. It is thin but adequate enough for a few days away. looks easy to clean as well despite light colour. No excuses now , I love it.

Ultra light travel yoga mat

Lightweight and easy to pack. Works well on a smooth floor (eg laminate) but not so great on carpet in a hotel room. Bunches up. Its nice and sticky and it can be used a top layer on old yoga mat that is past its best. A bit disappointing but a useful adition to my yoga kit.

Live up to expectations

Very pleased with this mat. It's very thin, so can be folded several times to fit into the smallest holdall, but also very strong, so provides excellent support for the widest standing posture. Also has very good grip. As one or two other people commented, it does runkle, but that's to be expected in a thin mat and you simply need to take that into account in your yoga routine. I stay in hotels regularly, and this is a great benefit for my practice.
Phil C

Ultra Light Travel Mat

Highly recommend, can fold up less than a bath mat, excellent for carpeted flooring. Non stick and conveniently light.

Travel Yoga Mat

This is a super light yoga mat that is perfect to pack into a suitcase or backpack. It is thinner than I thought it would be but I love the lightness of it. It's perfect to use on top of hotel room carpets, it doesn't stay perfectly flat but I don't find that a problem as all I need is some stickiness and protection from dirty floors. Perfect addition to my yoga gear!

Travel Yoga mat

Great mat for travelling as takes up very little space. Have used it twice this summer with much success. Not much padding though so if used on a hard surface you may need a sarong/towel to cushions any bony bits during asanas. It does ruck up a little when changing positions but nothing too serious and a small point when compared to convenience of light weight and compactness.

travel yoga mat

It worked well, sometimes bunching, as I practice ashtanga, I always have a towel handy. I am as pleased as I was with natural thin mat which performed the same.

Best Ever

Thanks for this amazing product.

Very happy

Very happy with this purchase. Compact and totally anti slip. Not had it on my travels as yet, but works perfectly on carpeted floor at home. It's probably not doable, but would be great if it could be even lighter in weight.

No help at all

Folds up very small, so great for packing into a suitcase. Once I arrived I found it totally useless. It bunched up constantly when put on another mat, but is so thin it can't be used on it's own.

does what it says!

Its ultra light and its a yoga mat - does everything I want!!

Yoga on the go

I was looking for a yoga mat I could pack in a bag to travel with as I work away a lot and slippy hotel carpets are annoying and I don't want to take up half a suitcase with my full mat. This is perfect. I bought this and the get a grip yoga mat towel and both work well for what I wanted them for, very happy.

perfect for travel

Bought this a few weeks ago and used it on holiday. Yes it's very thin so for floor poses you do really need cushioning but a couple of towels worked for me. No bunching as some mentioned, I did use yoga socks which i think helped as if you're feet get warm this does bunch the mat up. All in all for travel or use on top of a class mat this serves it's purpose. Can recommend.

just what your guru ordered!

Brilliant value - packs easily, light, and perfect for standing poses. It needs cushioning for many other poses, but something has to give to get a mat that takes up so little space. It never slipped, and neither did I. Icing on the cake - having a good mat meant I could get into the zone right away. All for £15.

Not at all useful

I bought this mat as I wanted a lightweight, portable mat for travel. I have really struggled to use it as it bunches up and moves. Truly not fit for purpose. Don't buy it.
Nancy Coppock

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