Yogamatters crescent meditation cushion

Yogamatters crescent meditation cushion
Our crescent-shaped zafu is a traditional meditation cushion that's allows you to sit cross legged in comfort.

Pleated for extra durability each zafu comes with a carrying strap on one side for convenience. The height and softness can be adjusted by topping up or reducing the stuffing.

The word 'zafu' is Japanese and made up of two characters or kanji: 'za' meaning 'sitting' and 'fu' referring to reedmace, the original stuffing used to fill them.

Size: 10cm high, 38cm diameter
Weight: 0.75kg
Made from: 100% cotton cover with recron filling
Certified: Complies with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988
Suitable for: Meditation whilst kneeling or sitting cross legs
Made in: India

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Much greater comfort

I have been practising yoga for three years and have always felt slightly uncomfortable during breath work as my legs/hips have a tendency to tense up/spasm. With the recent purchase of this cushion I am able to relax and immediately feel in a much more secure posture which is lovely! Would thoroughly recommend to anybody else with a similar issue :)

Zafu Meditation Cusion

I love this meditation cushion and for me its the perfect height allowing my knees to fall to the floor and your bum doesn't slip either!
Louise van Herpen

Great Meditation Cushion

This is one of the best meditation cushions I've found. Even better as they are not filled with buckwheat but have a cotton filling. They are really firm which helps promote the perfect posture.

Very happy with this - very comfortable to sit on, it doesn't cut off my circulation

Great for sitting on the floor or on a chair

Great craftmanship, lovely colours, good support, wonderful and fast service from Yogamatters - highly recommended.

Firm and comfortable cushion

Lovely to sit on, just the right height. It really helps to support the spine straight, so I can relax more when in sitting meditation. Thank you for the excellent communication and fast service.
Karta Kaur

Good quality & comfortable

Really pleased with this item. Feels comfortable and stable.


This Crescent Zafu is just right. It is very well made and strongly stitched. I already have a circular zafu but I find that this design is very comfortable.

Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion

Really great cushion...I'm 26 weeks pregnant and it's so comfortable for meditation and any other time I get to sit down. I know I'll use it after pregnancy too - it's a good height.
Lucy S

superb comfort and stability

As usual Yogamatters are quick, efficient and friendly. This cushion comes in beautiful colours and is very well made, not heavy but filled with cotton making it even more comfortable. It provides excellent posture when sitting in meditation for any lenght of time.
jane w

Yogamatters crescent zafu meditation cushion

Very comfortable but also beautifully firm - it really does help to keep your back straight. My four year old loves it too :) Thank you Yogamatters!


Excellent service as always, the cushion is the perfect height and firmness to give you a stable meditation position, highly recommended

Zafu Meditation Cushion

very pleased with purchase
N. S.

Wonderful meditation cushion

This is a wonderful cushion, as others have said it is the right density to be firm but comfortable. The natural fibre filling breathes beautifully. The wedge shaped angle is just right to keep you upright. The recessed curve in the front allows your lower heal and foot to tuck in nicely (in half lotus). It's light enough to be easily portable too. I slipped into an effortless samadhi first time I used this, my partner did too on hers. Really grateful to the designers. Been meditating 15 years on normal and square shaped cushions, this is much more stable and makes keeping your back straight easier - only wish I'd found it earlier!

A Perfect Gift

Ordered a burgundy meditation cushion for my son in New Zealand a few days before Christmas. It arrived amazingly quickly and he loved it. A great success!

Comfy cushion

Recently received my cream comfy Yoga cushion and am very pleased with it. Really like the crescent moon shape and prefer it to other cushions i have been using. Had wanted a purple one but unfortunately it was out of stock and as i was buying this as part of a short term special offer went for cream. Highly recommended and will encourage my students to try too for additional feedback!

Crescent Zafu Meditation Cushion

I've just bought 4 of these for my small yoga room in my home as I'm starting to run meditation courses. The cushions are ideal, perfect height, very comfortable. If the courses take off I may have to send for more!

Really comfy

I have used a foam block for 7yrs and now wish I had switched to the zafu a long time ago! It is really comfortable and supportive. Not as versatile as a block but great for meditation or for sitting at front of class during relaxation when teaching. The quality is good...but I haven't tried to remove the cover yet to wash it!

So comfy!

I love this cushion, it's just the right height for me as it is. It makes it so much easier to keep my spine in the correct position, hence greater relaxation and better meditation. Thank you for a great cushion.

Crescent cushion

An excellent product really well made and a lovely colour. May have to take some of the stuffing out but will probably wear in in time.
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