Yogamatters Get A Grip mat towel + dots

Yogamatters Get A Grip mat towel + dots
The Get a Grip yoga mat towels are an integral piece of kit for yogis on the go and hot yoga devotees.

Soft and super absorbent, this yoga mat towel will wick away moisture as you sweat, ensuring you don't slip in a sweaty, hot yoga practice. Wave goodbye to sliding hands and feet in downward facing dog! With a smooth towel finish on one side and non-toxic silicon dots on the other, you can use with dots facing down to keep the towel firmly in place on your yoga mat or floor, or with dots facing up for extra grip for your hands and feet.

Laying a mat towel over your mat or the floor also serves as a hygienic, protective layer - ideal if you're borrowing a mat at a yoga studio, or practicing on a hotel room floor.

Weighing just 750g, this yoga mat towel is extremely lightweight, so can be scrunched, folded or rolled in to your bag, and taken on your travels without adding hardly any extra weight. And since it's machine washable, you can pop it in the wash after a particularly sweaty session.

Choose from a rainbow of colours available.

If using the towel of a light-coloured mat, there is a chance that the colouring may dye the mat below.

Also available without silicon dots as a standard Get a Grip yoga mat towel

*Not for sale into the USA, Canada, Japan or Australia

*This product absorbs moisture and cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.

* Please note that the towel colouring process can cause slight variations in colour between batches. The current stock of our black towels is a slightly washed-out, as oppose to 'jet black' shade of black.*

Size: 60cm x 183cm (full mat size product)
Weight: 600g
Made from: Polyester microfibre with silicon dots
Suitable for: Keeping you stable and static during a sweaty yoga practice
Care instructions: Machine washable and dryer safe. Easily washed after each practice.
Made in: China

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Grip mat towel

This mat towel has a lovely colour & texture and is excellent value for money - a branded similar item costs more than double and I can see no difference in quality. Rolls up small for packing - great on holiday or on top of studio mats - though like all mat towels it will rumple during dynamic classes.

l will buy more of these

This is a great towel. It's got good absorbency for hot yoga, great grip, it's is light weight & quick drying.

You are going to love this product

It's taken a while in the making, but we think we have come up with a really good product! If you have tried other mat towels in the past, do not be put off. The advantages our product has over the competition are numerous, but top of the list must be the fact that it's way better value - and it really works well! It is full sized - that means it's probably the same size as your yoga mat. It doesn't stretch as much either so it will hold it's shape in use. Pop one in your bag and use it over the communal mat in the studio. Easy to wash and dry (although you don't need to wash before use to get rid of production chemicals). Let us know what you think!


it is a very good product , thanks to it i don't slide anymore on the mat provided in my yoga center. great idea!


it's absolutely great, many people from my yoga center (my teacher included) want one, so i've given them your address.
helena blanchet

good purchase :)

As a regular Bikram kinda guy, this rocks.. in addition to the class mat (which gets too slippery under-foot for standing poses like standing separate leg pose or triangle) its makes a great grippy addition, basically if u sweat in your practice its great.. there's something quite complete about sweating lots in a class but knowing that you're not leaving that for the next person to deal with.. a grippy mat towel.. perfect for bikram or the kind of person that needs to wash their mat lots.. v-cool..
Matt Taylor

Get a grip yoga mat towel

This product is definitely helpful if you have sweaty hands and feet. It stays in place on a normal yoga mat quite well
Anne Johnson

grip yoga mat

these towels are very useful for astanga practice if you sweat a lot! i encouraged my students to buy them as it leaves the yoga mat dry for the next student and lengthens the life of the mat! some have to get used to them as they can slip and distract you in the beginning (useful to put down from the seated postures onwards) but worth it
debbie jenkins

Bought one to try out at my studio and finding it great for my does take getting used to though as the blanket tends to slip sometimes particularly coming from down dog to standing poses but all in all its been a worthwhile purchase.

Get a grip yoga mat towel

Great product for Bikram and Power VInyasa yoga.


I was nicely surprised with how much grip this Grip towel provided! It covers the whole mat and I'll definitely take this on my travels instead of taking my yoga mat bag. I chose the pink which is a lovely colour!
Susie Law

Love it

Great for Hot Yoga

I bought this for holidays and to use over a studio mat if I'm on my bike. It's lightweight and has a good grip. I would recommend.

Great mat towel!

Perfect for Bikram Yoga. In fact, I like it so much I'm getting a 2nd one!

Get A Grip Mat Towel

An excellent product. Really does stop you slipping in downward dog. Also fab to slip in your bag if popping away for the weekend and don't have space for your mat. Have recommended it to fellow yogi's! Excellent service & quick delivery. Thanks Yoga Matters. Namaste.
Kelly Smith

Get a grip mat

This mat is excellent. I am already recommending it to my students.
Jane Mark-Lawson

Great Product

This definitely solves my problem of slipping on my mat. I've put it over my regular yoga mat and it works a treat, providing a little extra cushioning for hard floors! Would recommend for any yoga classes where hands and feet get sweaty :)

Get a grip Yoga mat towel
Freda Rutherford

Get a Grip

I really wanted to love this towel, having bought one in order to improve the poor grip of my new mat. I'd carefully read all the reviews, and came to the conclusion that this towel was exactly what I had been missing. Nevertheless, while trying it out today in class (a regular Yoga class), spreading it on my mat with the dotted side faced up, I realized the the slightest sweat on the hands made them glide over the little plastic knobs, which are very smooth in themselves. The other side of the towel, I quickly discovered, was completely smooth and therefore slippery. So disappointing!

Light and easy...

Really great towel, easy to carry around and use. Great for Bikram, (although I don't do Bikram) and also to carry around and use while travelling if you didn't want to take your mat!

Brilliant product!

Bought this to stop my hands sliding in downward dog. This is a fantastic yoga accessory - does exactly what it claims to!
Jacqui D

Get a grip!

Fantastic product for great value. I LOVE my Grip Dot towels, this is my 2nd one and I just stick them in the washing machine and they are fresh and ready to go again. Highly reccommend this product if you are an Ashtangi and need the grip when things start to heat up. Fi
Fi C

Fantastic Buy

I do Bikram Yoga and was in danger of doing myself a serious injury by the amount of slipping on my ordinary towel. One of the teachers recommended these towels. This is one of my best buys ever. The towel fits the entire mat and doesn't budge. It absorbs sweat so effectively that the towel never felt wet. I wash it nearly everyday and its as good as new. I trawled the internet for the best price and Yogamatters was the cheapest. The ordering and delivery was great with no problems. This product is excellent.

a great towel!

This towel is perfect for Bikram yoga - it's really highly absorbent and prevents slipping. It dries fast after washing and after many washing cycles it still looks like new. After having one for some time now I decided to order a second one and was amazed with the prompt delivery - received it in a day!

Yogamatters get a grip mat

Recomended to me by a yoga teacher. I lay the plastic bead side down on a cheap foam mat. If my feet and hands are a little clammy, I don't slip at all. If required, I use a water spray to dampen the mat a little. Either way, I don't slip at all when using this mat. Machine washable and comes in a carry bag. I'm well please and would recomend highly.

Product and service both tops

I am very satisfied with my mat towel. It does the job and is also pretty. The color I chose (purple) was perfect. More than that, Yogamatters provides great customer service. I will certainly buy from this shop again.
C Verschuur

Pro's outweigh the Con's

Pro's: does anti-slip job very well; lightweight & v easy carry around; v easy to wash clean; good price; Con's: Ripples a bit, does not stay fully flat (seems to stay flatter over time/use/repeated washes)

A great buy

This towel is excellent to use in Bikram. It covers the entire mat and has loads more sticky dots on it than just about any other mat towel I've seen. I will be buying another one.
Michele D

get a grip mat

I purchased the get a grip towel after reading the positive reviews. I used it in non heated ashtanga class dots up and I could not get a grip! It was worse in the heated class. Using it dots down is better. I would not buy again or recommend it. Disappointing.

Response to Lex

Hi Lex, The mat needs to be used with the dots down, so try that next time for a lot less slippy practice.
Yogamatters customer service

Get a Grip Yoga Mat Towel

I purchased this towel a short while ago and was pleasantly surprised by its price. The quality was as good as more expensive towels, it stays put on the mat during Bikram yoga and washes very well.
gillian mccreadie

Perfect towel for slippy hands!

I just wanted to leave a review saying how great the get a grip mat towel is! I find that my hands quickly get sweaty in the astanga & vinyasa flow classes I go to, and it's a nightmare trying to focus in down dog when I'm trying not to fall over! The get a grip mat towel has totally changed this - I use it nub side down over my mat; the nubs keep it perfectly in place on the mat, and my hands stay firmly in place on the towelling side. This has made a big difference to my practice, keep up the good work!

Great solution

I was having difficulty with my grip as I sweat a lot during the class and this towel has really help me to get it.

Great buy

has really made my bikram yoga sessions better, no more adjusting towel between postures or having towel bunch up.


Was kept updated on delivery as stock was low. Excellent product. No more slipping around in bikram, really absorbent which means I can grip my feet better, easy to transport around, love that you can stick it in the tumble dryer too as it means I can use it again the next day if I need to.

excellent performance and comfort

I just bought the 3rd one. Works very well and stays intact in spite of frequent use (ashtanga) and washes.

Great Grip!

I was looking for the perfect towel that wouldn't slip while doing certain yoga moves - and now i've found it! I've got into Hot Yoga so decided it was about time I invested in my own towel (hygiene purposes as well!). I used it for the first time on Saturday and i've washed it too - all turned out good and no colour running, which I was worried about. I would recommend this towel!


Brilliant for travel, light, grips surfaces well on holiday. I also find it particularly useful with grip side up as helps foot grip so much better. win win

Really pleased with this. Surpassed my expectations: I am travelling and have been using this with the dots down on an old mat of my mother's. It doesn't slip at all and the texture is lovely - I normally can't enjoy any synthetic fibres, but lying on my belly doing asanas and turning my cheek to rest against this towel mat is really lovely.

yoga on the go

I was looking for a yoga mat I could pack in a bag to travel with as I work away a lot and slippy hotel carpets are annoying and I don't want to take up half a suitcase with my full mat. I also wanted something that was easy to take along to classes so I don't have to use the smelly gym ones. This is perfect. I bought this and the travel mat and both work well for what I wanted them for, very happy.

Yoga grip towel

Lovely product, no more slipping, good quality, would recommend.

Best grip-dot towel I have

And I have 4... all different makes! This one is by far, the best. :)

Pink yoga towel

I bought this because of the Friday 13th offer. Shame there wasn't a choice of colours, for my husband. But saying that the mat is perfect for hot yoga, helps you grip the mat, washes well (don't use fabric softener) and tumble drys easy on low setting. I think they are essential for a good old hot sweaty yoga session :-)

Great quality, thick towel mat

I love this towel mat. I've had a Yoga-Mad grip dot towel mat for a while and decided to invest in a second one as I'm an Ashtangi with a daily practice so it gets a lot of use! This one's actually thicker, softer and slightly larger so I much prefer it, especially the pink one which is a lovely soft colour. I think it's slightly heavier than my other one but hardly noticeable and that does mean it actually stays in place a bit better. Highly recommended.

Great mat towel

I bought this mat towel to take to Kerala, it worked brilliantly, giving excellent grip. I've used it again on my return, it gives a lovely surface to work on and can be put directly on the carpet at home or on my mat in the studio. It washes well too. the mat-towel is also very useful to put over chair seats for grip (turn it bobble side out) or for padding under the feet for Virasana etc. I'm very happy with it and at such a good price, it's a bargain!


Great product. My palms would slip when trying to do Bakasana which made me feel unsafe and nervous about the pose. This solved the problem giving me the grip I needed.

Get a grip

Used the towel on top of my May with the grip facing up, the warmth was good especially at 430 meditation in cold weather but unfortunately it moves and crinkles up with movement. Colour good.

Yoga mat

Excellent product, and prompt delivery too. I have already used it and I am very happy with it. rolls out easily and doesn't take long to take the curl out of the end.Very good value for money.

Great yoga towel

I love this yoga towel, it is so useful. Much more portable than a yoga mat, it just folds up into my bag. It solves 2 problems, I am a bit icky about using communal yoga mats in class, this might be a bit un-yogic of me, but I don't want to pass on my athletes foot, and I really don't want veruccas. Also, altho I am not doing 'hot yoga', they do keep the room warm and during an intense session, my hands can get sweaty and slip. So this mat keeps me steady and hygienic. Perfect!

Very good

It's light to carry around and I don't have to worry about sweating on my mat. Very good product!

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