prAna E.C.O. yoga mat

prAna E.C.O. yoga mat
A textured surface with natural anti-slip properties will keep you as rooted in your pose, as the recyclable prAna Earth Conscious Offering Yoga Mat's toxic-free manufacturing process is rooted in sustainability. Great cushioning keeps the two-sided eco-friendly mat comfy.

- Two sided textured surface provides superior cushioning and excellent grip on hard surfaces
- TPE material is UV resistant, lightweight and uses non-toxic materials in its production
- Closed cell construction prevents germs from absorbing into the mat
- 72 (183cm) long x 24 (61cm) wide x 5mm thick

Size: 183cm x 61cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 1kg
Suitable for: Yoga, pilates, stretch and relaxation except a vigorous or hard practice
Made from: 100% Thermal plastic elastomer
Suitable for: Yoga. Not suitable for vigorous or 'hard' practice.
Made in: Taiwan

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What I really like about this mat is the excellent grip and texture. They do look cool too, but what use is that without good functionality! Although a bit thiker than many mats (so it feels quite luxurious) it is still quite lightweight and easy to carry around, although make sure you get a large mat bag because they don't roll up as small as regular sticky mats. All in all a brilliant mat.
Jeremy, London


This mat comes highly recommended! I took my time deciding on the best mat that met my requirements and in this price bracket. I didn't want a mat that contained environmentally damaging materials or either those that are toxic to the body. Then i was worried the mat wouldnt be as effective/non slip and soft.... I made the right choice - this mat has excellent grip but not too much to prevent you moving from one posture to another. It feels almost silky skin soft, it doesnt smell like natural rubber mats and is think enough to cushion you againgst hard floor surfaces. It just feels luxurious but does not compromise on its effectiveness. I chose the pink/purple one and the mat can be used on either side - each side has a different texture so you can alternatate between colours/textures based on preference. The pink colour is lovely and vibrant and the purple is cool and sutle. Do not buy another mat - get this one!

Great yoga mat

I just used my Prana Eco Yoga Mat for the first time and I simply love it! This is definitely the best yoga mat I've ever used. - The thickness is just right as it provides comfort without compromising stability during balance poses. - The grip is excellent! It has been quite hot over here and even though I tend to sweat during my practice, the mat doesn't get slippery at all. - I opted for the pink/ lavender combination and use the lavender side for my practice. The color is wonderful and fits the mood of my practice.
Leonor Sousa

Prana Eco Yoga Mat

I agree with all the other reviewers regarding the luxorious feeling of this mat. It has excellent grip, it smells nice, and it is very soft. However, it is not very durable. Mine only lasted for 3 months with ashtanga practice 4-6 days a week, before I had to throw it out, because it shredded som much. I still bought another one, which I use for travelling, because it provides the best combination of cusioning and low weight that I have found to date. Yogamatters: Good feedback! It is worth considering a non-eco mat for such intense ashtanga practice, although having said that there are many students practising daily who find these mats are durable - it can depend on the individual style, weight, technique and so on.

Prana eco yoga mat

I am now onto my third prana eco mat and find them a great mat to practice on. However, as a 6 day/week ashtanga yogi I have found they start to break down more quickly than other mats I have used in the past. The surface and grip is good for an ashtanga practice and they are easy to travel with. One point to note is they do not cope with hot weather well, when living in Brunei the heat and humidity caused this mat to warp and distort out of shape.

Excellent mat!

Really luxurious mat. Looks stylish but is very practical too. I am sure this will enhance my yoga practice. Will be of benefit to provide extra cushioning under foot and knee's as I've found my old mat not thick enough as my practice has developed. Would definately give this the thumbs up! It's also nice to know whilst practicing yoga I'm also helping the environment in some way too!

Excellent mat!

I love this mat! I have been practicing Hatha yoga for nearly a year now and when I first started I spent ages trying to decide on a mat. I wanted one that would not be harmful to me or the environment. I am so happy I chose this one as it is absolutely perfect in every way. I have a lovely orange/dark brown colour which feels so natural. I would very highly recommend this mat to anyone!

Excellent mat

I highly recommend this mat. It is thicker than the average mat and therefore provides extra comfort when kneeling or lying. It is a good length and each side has a slightly different texture with rounded edges. The grip is excellent, you simply can't slip on it. The best mat I've used

Prana Eco Yoga mat

A lovely mat; texured one side for improved grip and smoother/softer on other side. Thickness is perfect for cushioning during inverted postures. It feels much lighter than other mats I've had, and the bonus with this one is that it is an 'eco' product!! I would definitely recommend this mat.

Good buy

I've only had it for a couple of classes but so far I'm happy with this mat. It's comfy but firm and it doesn't stretch like my old thinner mat used to. I like its two sides with different surface types - I can choose a rougher or smoother surface on the day. Gives very good grip - I bought an antislip powder too but I only used it once, it's not needed at all.

prana eco yoga mat

For the price I was very disappointed with this mat. It is not very sticky, I slip both feet and hands slightly making me feel unstable and detracting from my focus. I rarely slip on any other mat. Also the mat stretches too much and would not last long with dynamic practice taking place on it. All in all a mat that does not make me feel stable in my practice and far too much money as a result. I will not buy this or recommend to anyone. The cheaper mats are better than this.


I was really disappointed with this mat. It gives poor grip for hands and feet and the material stretches in certain poses. I'm afraid I gave up on it within weeks and went back to one of the cheaper, basic sticky mats, which I am much happier with. This mat is quite expensive and I wonder how environmentally friendly it really is if people are replacing them so soon after purchase (as I read in other reviews here) or (like me) giving up on the mat soon after purchase. I wouldn't recommend this mat.

Prana ECO mat

Just upgraded from a cheapo sticky mat to a Prana ECO. This mat has great grip without feeling sticky and is thick enough to be very comfortable without being stretchy. Smells much nicer than my old mat, and looks great.
Dave B

Great eco friendly choice...

When Lidl sell yoga mats for less than £8 its difficult to convince yourself to spend over £30! Anyway this is a reasonable eco alternative and looks as though it will last a lot longer than the Lidl alternative.


you won't be disappointed!

prana eco yoga mat

Really good mat!

Prana mat

I just received my mat. I just tried a downward dog. Fantastic feeling. Love it. So happy I finally took the plunge and treated myself to an eco mat.

Prana mat

A great all round mat, nice size and squishyness. Doesn't slip, looks nice and is light enough to carry around. Big thumbs up from me.
Alex Evans


Beautiful thickness and colours - my only issue is no bag or even a strap for the mat! Not too sticky and a bit more interesting than most mats with two colours highly recommended!

I love this mat!

I´ve had my Prana Eco mat for over a year now, and I love it! I do Ashtanga and Yin yoga, both at home and at a studio, and it works perfectly. Great grip - not slippery at all, super comfort...and I love the colors. Excellent value for money!

It took me a while to find a mat that was in my price range without skimping on quality and I'm glad I chose this prAna mat. It's thick and cushioned and there's a different tread on each side- both of which I've found offer the right amount of grip. The lime side of the mat is quite bright, but I've found this to be quite useful in the morning when I need to be woken up!! A great mat, squishy, and stylish without breaking the bank.

ECO Yoga Mat

I bought this as a present, it was very promptly delivered and is of a very high quality. The mat is very light weight and quite long. I would recommend this for anybody who does yoga 2+ times per week.

prAna Eco mat

I love the cushiness of this mat, it is both sticky and cushion-y enough to protect my knees on a hard floor.

Love the colours!! Excellent grip

I love my new mat! The colours (lime/lake) are amazing. So vivid and the grip is also excellent. Highly recommend.

A decent mat, good cushioning

I've had this mat for a week now and really like it. I wanted a mat that had cushioning for my knees and back and this one does the trick. It's also quite light to carry around. It is admittedly a little on the slippy side - but it's still new and I also always put a towel under my hands at the top of my mat anyway because I slip no matter what mat I am using! I recommed this mat for vinyasa or hatha classes but not sure abot hot classes as think you might slip a lot unless you had a towel on top. A good mat though!

prana eco mat

Used my new yoga mat this morning and found my hands slipping within first ten minutes of class, very distracting. Thought perhaps I had mat wrong side up turned it over and it rolled up so I discarded and used old yoga mat. When I checked website it was the correct way up so obviously just not a very grippy mat. I will be returning this mat which is a shame because it was well cushioned, but difficult to find more positives when I only used for such a short time.

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