# Pregnancy Yoga Flow and Postnatal Recovery

# Pregnancy Yoga Flow and Postnatal Recovery
'Pregnancy Yoga Flow' expertly brought to you by experienced teacher Brigid Godwin, combines the flow of a traditional Vinyasa yoga class with gentle hatha poses to create a sequence that is uplifting and energising. It helps to free blocked energy and leaves you feeling refreshed and deeply relaxed. The DVD contains all the elements you need to see you through pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery and is suitable for every stage of pregnancy from 14 weeks until the birth of your baby and beyond, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner. Suitable modifications have been added so that women suffering with common pregnancy related conditions such as pelvic and back pain, carpal tunnel and varicose veins can all practice safely.

10% of all net profits from the sale of the DVD will be donated to the The Special Yoga Centre.

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DVD region: 2-6
DVD format: PAL

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Lovely DVD

This is a lovely DVD with a considered and fluid practice that shows modifications for the more advanced practioner to those with pelvic/spinal pain. Brigid's instructions are sensitive and clear. I highly recommend this DVD to Pregnant Woman and new Mums!
Sandi, London

Best pregnancy and postnatal DVD out there

During my first pregnancy I was lucky enough to attend Brigid Godwin's antenatal yoga classes but second time round this isn't possible. The DVD is a fantastic subsitute for the classes combining every yoga practice I need for the whole pregnancy, labour and for after baby is born. Having the DVD means I can fit yoga in to a busy day, even if only for 20mins. I find the DVD easy to follow, relaxing and yet energising and hugely beneficial. I'll be buying this for all my pregnant friends! Worth every penny..
S Clary

Brilliant DVD for a positive birth experience

Thanks to Brigids DVD I had such a positive birth. Even when things didn't go to plan I managed to stay positive and adapt to a new birth plan. Even the midwives commended my strong yoga breathing. If only my husband had done the DVD too :0) One of the best things about Brigids DVD is that it is tailored to all pregnancies. I suffered with SPD but wasn't excluded from yoga because of it, thanks to Brigid.

Pregnancy Yoga Flow by Brigid Godwin

This DVD is a must have for any Mum to be. It is extremely clear and easy to follow, while at the same time providing a beneficial, calming and relaxing work out. I have used it almost every day in the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy, and it has helped immensely. I can not recommend it highly enough.
Lucy L

Pregnancy Yoga Flow

Brigid's DVD is visually beautiful and has lovely music to help set the scene. The directions are very clear and flow throughout the sequences. Sections are grouped into helpful topics like 'creating space' so you can use it for a quick fix, when you need a rest, or uplift, or for a full practice when time allows. A great new DVD.
Lucy McN

Pregnancy yoga flow

I strongly recommend this DVD. I used it all through my pregnancy. Having different people to demonstrate a gentle or stronger position was really useful. Covering pregnancy as well as recovery made it excellent value too.
Laura R

Brilliant DVD

I'm attending Brigid's classes twice a week and in-between I'm practising at home with a help of her DVD. It helps me to focus and make sure I'm doing everything correctly. If I don't have time for the full practice, I have the option to choose the short or gentle class or sometimes I just feel to do the relaxation bit, you have the option to choose any of these from the menu. I'm so grateful to Brigid and to this DVD. I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and no back ache or any other typical pregnancy symptoms. I feel really fit and energetic, thanks Brigid
Sofia B.

Amazing DVD

I absolutely love this DVD. It has really helped me prepare for the arrival o my baby and I feel that I was mainly able to have a completely natural both because of what I learnt through practicing yoga with this DVD. I would highly recommend it.

The complete package

The hour class is well paced and varied and I felt I was getting a good workout. It is easy to follow and you don't need to keep pausing the DVD. The different postures flow well and I enjoyed the breath work. After both the 45 minute class and the 60 minute class I came out feeling really calm and in a good space. The birth preparation and post natal sections are a bonus. Excellent!

Be kind to yourself

There is always so much advice flying around whenever someone is having a baby - not all of it asked for or helpful. Pregnancy Yoga Flow however, is your chance to do something for you and your baby that will leave you both feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised. Brigid has an intuition for yoga classes that is hard to match and that makes yoga accessible for everyone no matter how much or how little yoga you have done before. This DVD will be the kindest thing you do for yourself during and after your pregnancy and even makes the perfect gift for those who struggle to choose baby clothes!

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