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If headstand is the king of asanas, then FeetUp is your throne. This innovative inversion aid enables you to hold a safe and stable headstand posture without any pressure on the neck and spine.

FeetUp gives beginners the confidence to raise their feet skywards and reap the benefits of sirsasana, whilst more experienced practitioners can challenge themselves and have fun with new versions of inversions beyond their previous practice.

Made from multi-layered beech wood and a soft faux leather pad, the FeetUp® Trainer offers a generous bed for your shoulders, resulting in maximum comfort and safety while inverted. It is very easy to dismantle and take on your travels, or stack and store in your home or a studio.

Frame: beech wood, multilayer, bent of one piece and varnished
Bolster padding: recycling foam
Bolster cover: white faux leather (vegan)
Special features: stackable (saves space)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 64 x 40 x 40 cm
Engineered in Germany and made in the EU
Safety always first:

the frame is solidly made from multilayered beech wood
Anti-slip rubber caps for maximum stableness
Maximum load-bearing: 400 kg (tested at the Technical University of Braunschweig)

NEW! Including the FeetUp® exercise poster showing more than 100 yoga and fitness exercises you can practice with FeetUp®

Not for sale to the US.

For every FeetUp sold, the makers of FeetUp donate one tree to Trees for the Future.

FeetUp manual

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Have a look at our how to use the FeetUp video, courtesy of our friends at Movement for Modern Life:

Easy to assemble, great to use!
I really love it. I use it most days - it is great for sirsasana variations, setubandha, forward bends and more. I think it is a must have yoga assistant.
Easy to assemble, great to use!
I really love it. I use it most days - it is great for sirsasana variations, setubandha, forward bends and more. I think it is a must have yoga assistant.
that thing is a revolution!!
At first I was just intrigued by the idea of being able to practice headstand without any pressure on my cervical spine.
It turns out that the FeetUp is so much more! My Feetup inversions have become an unmissable part of my morning practice. There is so much room for creativity and modifications. Depending on the challenges on a specific day, the options range from dynamic to restorative. It is a great way to gain new insights upside down :-)
Give it a go!
I had purchased the feetup product at the recent Yoga Show. I have found it to be of a high quality spec plus the assembly instructions clear and easy to follow.
Turn your world upside-down!
What i have learned is that it is essential to support the action of the back in headstand. So with the feetup I now use foam blocks to fill the space between my back and a wall, so that I am in effect close to the wall. Otherwise there is the likelihood of the shoulders slumping and the chest becoming hollow and collapsed.I am not sure the design is as good as using two chairs to support headstand because with the use of chairs to support the shoulders the student can be right against the wall and gain the support of the wall.However I am glad an attempt has been made to produce a prop..perhaps a prototype which needs further research...has been made to create a useful product.
Upside down with Feet Up
I am so pleased with my purchase. It gives you all the benefits of a headstand without any pressure on your head, neck or spine. Perfect for the older yoga students who may have osteoporosis. My students love using it and I may have to buy more.
I bought this out of curiousity and have used it every day to rediscover my headstand which had lapsed from my practice. It is not straightforward to get into headstand using it - but is easier than upsupported. I also found the video misleading as it shows it being used in the centre of the room and the instructions say to use it against a wall. I would be very anxious about overbalancing if not against the wall as cannot roll out of this. Overall though a good practice which I intend to use with my class.
Fantastic Feetup
great way to get an invigorating inversion. very easy to use and very comfortable. only downside - a bit pricey
favourite stool
This product is amazing I was using a friends for a while but then decided to invest myself. I highly recommend this amazing product!:)
Feet up
Very easy to put together, photographic images to demonstrate poses that can be achieved. A great was to be upside down without pressure on neck and it you have not yet managed to achieve hand or forearm stand within your practise.
great bit of kit!
Absolutely brilliant transformed my yoga practice as I have had a problem with my neck and have not been able to do headstands .Now getting back to including in my practice and I do them more often.
Piece of art
Easy to use, very stable. Using daily! Especially when stronger inversions feel too much of an effort. For those complaining about wall being too far - bend your knees! Bend your knees to 90 degrees, place feet flat on wall, and you will get your torso straight without backbending. Once you have built up strong and stable enough muscles you can use it without wall too.
Great yoga kit for yoga teachers and students
really good little tool for helping those afraid of headstand to get some of the benefits - kids love it especially!
Feetup headstand yoga stool

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Brand FeetUp
Weight (Kg) 0.01
Size 64cm x 40cm x 40cm
Made in EU
Certified by Safety tested for load bearing to 400kg

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