Eco innovation: The Cork Yoga Mat

Eco innovation: The Cork Yoga Mat

As this year’s giving season is almost upon us, it is the perfect time for us to start thinking ethically about our purchases. How can we bring the most joy and happiness through what we purchase and how we purchase?

CorkYogis’ have answered these important questions. They have started a movement amongst the UK yogis to support ‘giving loop purchasing’. So when you purchase a yoga mat, it doesn’t end there, it sparks a social movement that links the East and the West to keep on giving and spreading happiness.

We as Yogis have been given so many gifts from India that have brought balance and harmony to the busy UK lifestyle. CorkYogis thought it was about time to give something back. They work with a team in Kolkata that help them to implement this social change.

The Mission

CorkYogis’ mission is to create positive change for some of the most vulnerable people in India. They are currently working with survivors of sex slavery and forced prostitution in Kolkata; one of the largest cities for human trafficking in the world.

CorkYogis’ inspire hope and give opportunities to the women by funding education and skills to find dignified employment. One of the projects they support is literacy. It is important for the girls to have basic reading and writing skills to give them the confidence and freedom to change their own lives. The other project is sewing and tailoring. This provides the women with practical skills to find employment or to become self-employed by making and crafting sellable items. Once the girls are qualified they can go on to work with CorkYogis’; making yoga mat bags for a good wage or they are free to go and work wherever they wish.


They also provide a homely, safe environment for the girls to grow and heal from their experiences. CorkYogis’ are giving education rather than just gifts. Which ultimately means freedom for the girls and women.

The Mat

CorkYogis’ wanted their products to not only be ethical but also innovative. So they designed a natural, non- slip cork yoga mat.

Using cork is innovative because it has the natural ability that the grip increases as you sweat. So no more sliding around during your downward dog. This mat will help you take your practice and alignment one step further by provide a strong, stable surface for your sweaty hands!

Cork is also naturally anti- bacterial so it won’t absorb any sweat or smells. This makes it super easy to clean, just wipe down with warm water and a hint of lemon.

CorkYogis’s have combined eco-friendly cork with a flexible, non-slip rubber bottom to make it robust, easy to roll up and ready for any class.

Every Yoga Mat Sold = One woman learns a life-changing skill


Yogamatters and CorkYogis’ invite Yogis in the west to create positive changes for women in the east. Whilst trying out a different kind of yoga mat that will take your Adho Mukha Shvanasana to the next level.

Shop the CorkYogis’ cork yoga mat here.